About Just Milk Group

Just Milk is a dairy management company based in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The Just Milk Group manages 15 dairies (13 rotary dairies and 2 swingover) on 10 units across the Eastern Cape with total Cows in Herd of approximately 14 500.

Just Milk is a unifying brand and not a single corporate entity that operates on farms with varying land ownership and profit share structures. This model has allowed land investors an opportunity to gain exposure to dairy farming without the necessary management capabilities and required initial stock numbers while allowing the Just Milk Group the opportunity to create scalable, people-oriented management systems that result in low-cost, high-yield dairy farming operations.

The Just Milk Group prides itself on three pillars of core competency:

Just Milk Timeline

  • 1995Sea Rest Farm

    Alexandria, Super Pro Dairy
  • 2004Riverside Dairy

    Cookhouse, Number Two Piggeries
  • 2008Dalfreuch Dairy

    Cookhouse, Dalfreuch Dairy Partnership
  • 2012Galla Hills Dairy

    Queenstown, Number Two Piggeries
  • 2014Greenside Dairy

    Tsitsikamma, Number Two Piggeries
  • 2016Leeway Dairy

    Cookhouse, Number Two Piggeries
  • 2016Bosfontein Farm

    Alexandria, Dalfreuch Dairy Partnership
  • 2017Queens Valley Dairy

    Queenstown, Queens Valley Dairy
  • 2019Ida Dairies

    Ida, Number Two Piggeries
  • 2021Mountain View Dairy

    Mountain View, Number Two Piggeries

Management Services


Just Milk offer the ideal management solution for owners of irrigated land in search of dairy management expertise and/or lacking access to dairy cows.

The addition of a cheese factory to the Group additionally secures a guaranteed route to market which can otherwise be difficult to secure in times of national milk surplus.

Our systems focus on ensuring we can bring the best quality people, cows and practices onto any potential platforms to optimise returns per hectare.

We place significant emphasis on partnerships and do not enter into any arrangements we cannot see being mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

Meet the Team


Edgar & Lynda Brotherton



Steve Moss


Justin Davies


Bruce Lord