Galla Hills Dairies


Galla Hills is made up of two physical dairies; Galla Hills Dairy and Peninsula Dairy, situated just outside Queenstown, in the Eastern Cape. These two properties are adjacent to each other, split by the R67 and run as one operation. Galla Hills has a 66 point rotary while Peninsula has a 40 point rotary, the latter used to milk late lactation cows. Together, they milk on average 2300-2400 cows on a milking platform of 735 hectares of irrigation. Irrigation is procured from the Queenstown Sewerage Works as well as on-farm dams. Heifers are run on veld that forms part of the farm as well as small pieces of nearby irrigated pieces of land. This dairy operation was started in 2012 with Galla Hills Dairy supplying Fischer’s Dairy and Peninsula Dairy  supplying Crickley, both local milk processors. The sharefarmer at Galla Hills is Steve Moss.

The land is owned by Number Two Piggeries and consists of the above dairy operation as well as three piggeries; Peninsula Piggery, Maidenhead Piggery and Quarrydam Piggery.

Images of Galla Hills and Peninsula

Meet the Team

Onke Dunjwa

Farm Captain