Sea Rest Dairy


Sea Rest is the oldest dairy in the Just Milk group. This dairy was purchased in 1995 and is the original home farm of the Brotherton family. Sea Rest is situated on the golden mile between Boknes and Alexandria in the Eastern Cape. It is responsible for milking on average between 600 and 700 cows using a 50 point rotary dairy, which was one of the first three rotary dairies built in South Africa. Sea Rest has a milking platform of 183 hectares of dry land, and it supplies Coega Dairy as one of 13 farms that started the dairy processing venture. The sharefarmer is Bruce Lord.

Sea Rest is run in conjunction with three other properties (the Glade, the Camp, and Dunsterville) which serve as heifer rearing and dry stock units for the Just Milk group.

Sea Rest and these heifer rearing units are all owned by the Brotherton Family.

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