Greenside Dairies


Greenside consists of three dairies known as Greenside A, Greenside B, and Greenside C, all situated in the Tsitsikamma area of the Eastern Cape. Greenside A has a 60 point rotary, Greenside B has a 50 point rotary, and Greenside C has a 60 point rotary. Together the three dairies are operated as one unit, milking on average between 2700 and 2800 cows on a milking platform of 570 hectares of irrigation and 180 hectares of dry land pastures. The Greenside dairy operation was started in 2014, with Greenside C dairy being built in 2017. Greenside A and B supply Woodlands Dairy in Humansdorp while Greenside C supplies Coega Dairy in Port Elizabeth. The sharefarmer of the Greenside operation is Justin Davies.

The land is owned by Number Two Piggeries (Pty) Ltd

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Meet the Team

Justin Davies


Derek Cameron

Farm Manager