Development Projects

Watch the Mountain View Dairy Build:

Mountain View - Second Dairy

Our Mountain View dairy building project is nearing completion. Our planned start up date is 03 August 2021. We are currently milking in our upgraded 24 point swing over which is now bursting at the seams with cows. Our cows are calving flat out and by the end of August we hope to be close to 1000 cows in milk. We are also currently busy building the feed pads to accommodate the herd as well as walkways, calf rear facilities etc. A lot of activity as we scramble to be done by the end of July. This is a very scenic part of the world but my word it can get cold!

Mountain View Dairy completed 2021

Mountain View dairy our latest dairy development in the Elliot region is operational. On Tuesday 02 March 2021 we milked the first cows in the upgraded 24-point swing over. This 24-point swing over will soon be accompanied by a big brother, 66-point rotary which is under construction and scheduled for completion in June. Once completed we will aim to milk 1800 cows. The milk will be supplied to Sundale dairy in East London. Once again, a great team effort from our reliable team of suppliers, Northfield Engineering, Waikato and Kouga construction. A big thanks to Steve Moss (Just Milk) and Guy Moorcroft (Northfield) who managed the project. Exciting times as Just Milk venture into a new area.

Kerrera Dairy completed 2020

Ida Dairy completed 2019