Just Milk Social Initiatives

At Just Milk we are passionate about people. The people that work with us, the families in the surrounding areas and the youth of South Africa. 

We want to do our part in giving back and making our beautiful country a better place.

Just Milk Academy

Just Milk Academy is an after-school educational program aimed at uplifting the children of the Just Milk staff by means of exposure to spoken and written English for Foundation and Intermediate Phase learners.

At Just Milk Academy, we aim to give these learners exposure to English from a mother tongue speaker to aid them in their learning. The Academy focuses on comprehension of English words and phrases and concentrates on the pronunciation of English words through song, rhyme and repetition. Incidental learning in other areas, such as Life Orientation and Numeracy are also achieved through the instruction at the Academy.

Zeni and Zikhona Faltein (Grade 3) whose mother works on Leeway are two girls who have attended the Academy since they were in Grade 1. When they first started at the Academy, they could not speak English. Both girls are now able to read basic English sentences and can follow instructions given in English.

Inganathi is one of our Grade 3 learners who has also been at the Academy since 2017 when he was in Grade 1. His mother works on Dalfreuch farm. Inganathi is a very polite young boy who is very eager to learn English. His English has improved steadily over his time at the Academy and he is confident in his oral ability.

Our aim is to provide a safe, fun and encouraging learning environment where second language English learners are able to gain English knowledge in an unthreatening environment. This knowledge will equip them with the skills they need to be able to have more opportunities available to them in the years ahead.


Columba Leadership

“Our purpose is to transform the culture of schools to change the trajectory of youth. We do this through a values based leadership programme”

N2P have partnered with Columba Leadership to implement two programmes in two selected schools in Queenstown, Eastern Cape. As this is the town where our head office is based, we wanted to be part of the change in creating opportunities for the youth through this leadership programme. This programme is over a 3-year period where they build the capacity of schools to embed values and youth engagement into the culture of their schools paving the way for learners to develop character, purpose and competence leadership and 21st century skills.



Fresh Water Drive

The ongoing water issues being experienced across South Africa can affect schools drastically. Fresh water tanks on the school property would ensure there is drinking water for pupils during water supply cuts. Along with many additional benefits, at Just Milk we felt that water access to schools is important for student’s health and their ability to learn. 

Just Milk has installed fresh water tanks and gutters at three rural schools in Queenstown:

  • Nonesi Primary School
  • John Noah High School
  • Nkwanca High School


Covid19 - Food Drive

Cookhouse Creamery assisted 13 disadvantaged families in Cookhouse with Food Parcels over the December 2020 period.

We are showing and slowly increasing our support of the community by giving back in small ways.

The current lockdown has, as expected, resulted in poor communities struggling for food. These communities are all around us and it is a collective responsibility that the poor and vulnerable people are taken care of especially in circumstances like these. People who earn daily wages cannot survive lockdown and us as a community cannot sit back and expect government to deliver alone.


In Kenton-on-sea our Kenton rate payers association (KOSRA) together with Rotary have been extremely proactive in assisting the poor in our community. Members of KORSA and Rotary have made an enormous effort not only collecting donations but delivering food parcels between 1am and 3am, this to avoid being mobbed due to the desperation of our people.


Dairy farmers in the Alexandria district have supported this amazing initiative by contributing part of their milk supply to assist in feeding our communities. Just Milk is one of the many involved in this initiative with our donation of 3000L of milk.

Coega dairy, our processor, has agreed to process the milk, supply the packaging material as well as deliver the milk to Kenton for distribution. Our local Spar has also supported the initiative and is responsible for putting together food parcels and delivering.


We all know the value of milk as well as the value in supporting one another during times of need. Our thanks to all parties involved, it’s what makes our country such a wonderful place to live in, its real “Ubuntu”, what we all made of.



Cookhouse Creamery - Food Drive

Cookhouse Creamery assisted 13 disadvantaged families in Cookhouse with Food Parcels over the December 2020 period.

The communities in which we work are so important to us and Covid has worsened the income to many families in our areas, including Cookhouse. We hope to be able to continue to assist the community by giving back in small ways.