Queens Valley Dairy


Queens Valley Dairy, situated in the Queenstown area of the Eastern Cape, formed part of the Just Milk Group from 2017 with a new rotary being built in 2018. It has a 66 point rotary, and is currently milking an average 700 cows. Although Queens Valley started milking in 2017, it is largely still under development with irrigation infrastructure being installed and dams developed, leading to cow numbers being expected to increase to 1000. It currently has a milking platform of 250 hectares of irrigation. Queens Valley supplies Crickley Dairy and the sharefarmer is Steve Moss.

The Land is owned by Queens Valley Dairy (Pty) Ltd – a joint venture between Number Two Piggeries and Vaalbank Family Trust.

Images of Queens Valley

Meet the Team

Charles Marshall


Simi Mdazane

Dairy & Calf Rearing Manager

Reagan Smith

Dairy Supervisor