Leeway Dairy


Leeway is situated in Golden Valley, near Cookhouse, in the Eastern Cape.. It has a 66 point rotary and milks an average of 1200 cows. Leeway is also the newest of the Golden Valley farms, having been developed and established in 2016. It has a milking platform of 334 hectares of irrigation, fed from the Great Fish River. Leeway currently supplies Coega Dairy with milk but will supply Cookhouse Creamery from September 2019. The sharefarmer at Leeway is Gavin Beaumont. Leeway is operated in close conjunction to Riverside and Dalfreuch and carries the first and second lactation cows in the Group.

The Land is currently owned by Number Two Piggeries, but is in the process of being purchased by Dalfreuch Farm Properties (Pty) Ltd.

Images of Leeway

Meet the Team

Yandisa Zindlani

Farm Captain

Zodwa Booi

Pasture Supervisor

Sanele Mabuza

Dairy Supervisor