Bosfontein Dairy


Bosfontein is situated close to Alexandria in the Eastern Cape and was taken over by the Just Milk Group in 2016. Bosfontein has a 30 point swingover dairy and a milking platform of 200 hectares which is dry land. The ‘milking’ cow numbers of Bosfontein fluctuate based on the fact that it is also used as a heifer rearing facility. Therefore depending on the weather conditions of the area and its feed heifers for the Just Milk group, dairy numbers will fluctuate. Bosfontein has 668 hectares available for use.

Bosfontein used to be owned by Lynda Brotherton’s father, Ted Birch, and is the farm that Edgar Brotherton began his dairy career in 1987. The farm was then sold to a 3rd party before being purchased back by Dalfreuch Farm Properties (a joint venture between Number Two Piggeries and the Brotherton Family), completing a full circle.

Images of Bosfontein

Meet the Team

Nyiko Ubisi

Farm Manager

Alan Brotherton

Farm Manager

Kega Mangena

Junior Dairy Manager & Office Administrator

Nick Wilmot

The Camp Beef Manager