Riverview Dairy


Riverview is the newest operating dairy managed by the Just Milk group, having been developed and established in 2018. This dairy is situated in the Cookhouse region of the Eastern Cape, on the Great Fish River. Riverview has a 66 point rotary and is currently milking 1100 with this number to be increased to 1400. It currently has a milking platform of 250 hectares of irrigation, and supplies Cookhouse Creamery with milk. Riverview is powered by a Hydro Plant built and operated by Michael Vermaak Boerdery (Pty) Ltd and as such operates independently of the grid. In addition, Michael Vermaak Boerdery are contracted to do the bulk of machine-related work on pastures as well as the maintenance function.

The land is owned by Michael Vermaak Boerdery.

Images of Riverview

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